Upcoming 2021-2022 Work:


Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (September 2021), Dog Act (March 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  Main Street Theater. Houston, TX.

Drama Squad - A Fine Romance (September 2021):

Puppet Designer, Builder and Performer. Catastrophic Theater. Houston, TX.

448 Psychosis (November 2021):

Scenic Designer. Catastrophic Theater. Houston, TX. 

The Christmas Shoes (December 2021):                             

Scenic Designer.  AD Players. Houston, TX.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (January 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  Alley Theater. Houston.


RUR (January 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  Classical Theater. Houston, TX.

Freida (March 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  El Paso Opera. El Paso, TX.

Black Superhero Magic Momma (April 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  Stages Theater. Houston, TX.

Brother Toad (May 2022):                             

Scenic Designer.  Ensemble Theater. Houston, TX.

Innominate (May 2022):                             

Writer, Producer, Director, Scenic Designer.  Catastrophic Theater. Houston, TX.

The Little Mermaid (May 2022):

Scenic Designer. St. Francis Episcopal School. Houston, TX.